Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

The Beginning September 24, 2009

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So this is my blog all about Dirty Princesses.

What is Dirty Princesses you say? Well it’s a roleplaying game about a fantasy realm that has a monarchy always ruled by Queens, who always have plenty of daughters. And each generation of Princesses is sent out into the world to go on perilous quests to prove themselves worthy.

So far, I had what I thought was a roughly playable version, but following the games design roundtable at GenCon OZ, I realised that there are a lot of things I hadn’t considered and need to consider.  But I’m committed to having it ready for next GenCon, so that counts for something I hope.


One Response to “The Beginning”

  1. graphhiker Says:

    Wow, I wanna be a Queen!!! 🙂 Well done. I like the shell. However, have you ever thought about the political trauma’s that royalty must contend with. Princess Di was a great example. On the surface, she was cast aside by the family. The Queen held a stoic silence on the matter. Yet somehow, the Queen mother seemed to exude a maternal gratefulness with her subjects. What I’m saying is, even the Queens have strengths, but it’s their traits that set them off from each other. For example: Queen 1, is stoic and no nonsensed. But lacks maternal instincts. Queen 2, is maternal and forgiving. Queen 3, is just plain loopy and cannot be handled. Just some food for thought.

    With good cheers!

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