Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

What I have so far September 24, 2009

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Setting-wise, it’s nothing too exciting. A Queen rules and a Queen has pretty much always ruled. The Queen is usually pretty good at her job, she’s wise and strong and brave and kind. Things within the main borders of the kingdom are really nice. But once you get further away from the gleaming center, things start to suck. There’s banditry and other political groups and monsters and demons and all sorts of nasty stuff. That’s the part of the realm that the Princesses will be going into. I’ve come to realise that the nature of the Queen and the nature of the realm are more important than I initially thought. After all, the Queen is important right because she’s all of their mothers? And the realm is where they’re going. Someone suggested having the traits of the Queen be related to the nature of the realm and I really like that.

Rules and gameplay-wise, it works around troupe play, where each player has one Princess that’s always theirs. And each Princess has a set Retinue. So one session Player A is playing Princess A and everybody else is playing Princess A’s retinue. Oh and the role of the GM revolves through the group as well, so there’s one less Retinue character than non-Princess players. Make sense? Next session, Player B plays Princess B and everybody else does GM and Retinue duty. I’ve had some concerns myself with that style of play and I know some of the others I’ve mentioned it to have as well, but I still really like it and want to push ahead with it at this stage.

The dice rolling itself works on pools of d10, which you roll and look for Straights (1, 2, 3, 4 or 7, 8, 9 10). The higher the highest number and the more dice you have in it, the better. There are also some rules about calling for certain scenes when you’re Retinue characters to earn Adversity (the pool of resources that gets used up by the GM to generate opposition) to use against the Princess, and the Princesses can call for certain scenes to earn bonuses and improvements and character change.

That there is the bare bones, but I’ll expand upon it as I go.


One Response to “What I have so far”

  1. SteveD Says:

    Hey David, just letting you know that like others, I think this is a really strong concept. Buttkickers will love playing it ironically, while meanwhile there’s a potential market for what I believe are called Princessers – cosplayers who focus on the Disney pantheon (Belle, Jasmine, Cinders, Beauty, Ariel, Pocahontas etc etc etc). Ride that line and you could make something not just awesome but very popular indeed. Although the name is a tad suggestive…Panty Explosion may be an ironic name but it DOES lose customers because of it.

    You should make stickers that say I WANT TO BE A DIRTY PRINCESS. I would buy one…

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