Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

Some Revelations September 29, 2009

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After doing some thinking I’ve come up with some new ideas and ways of looking at the game. These are a bit rough in my mind so forgive me if they don’t make sense.

Composure: Basically every Princess will have a pool of dice called Composure that they get to add to rolls where that kind of thing is important or where they’re required to act particularly Princessly. That’s all well and good, except for when they’re in danger. When they’re getting injured or threatened, they can burn off points of Composure to lessen or negate the effects. That’s one of the mechanics that deals with the progression from ‘clean’ to ‘dirty’.

The other thing is that the Queen is a lot more important than I realised. Originally the Queen was only defined by the things that she wants her daughters to be. But now, she actually gets defined before play and given a bunch of traits, negative and positive. At certain times, Princesses call for Challenge scenes, moments that really change them. The nature of those Challenges (and possibly the whole story of the session) is defined by one of the Traits of the Queen. And whether or not they fail or succeed at the Challenge, the Trait is modified. And once the Queen’s traits are modified enough, she dies.

This opens up the possibility of generational games, where the Princesses go home and one becomes the Queen and then the next generation of Princesses define their relationships with he and face Challenges based on her traits. It also makes me wonder, do the Princesses ever finish their quests? What is the endgame like?

Oh and I’m getting rid of the revolving GM idea.


2 Responses to “Some Revelations”

  1. Princess Warrior Says:

    This rocks!!! Great job! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Nathan Says:

    I love the idea of challenges against the Queen’s “ideals” – do the Princesses follow in their mothers footsteps? Not likely as they can only advance to the throne after she dies and she only dies if they challenge her! It is about the young putting their stamp on the world.

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