Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

Traits September 29, 2009

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Oh and another thing. Characters (mostly Princesses) have Stats and Traits. They get 10 points to divide between their Stats and I think that they should never have more than 10 points worth of Traits. And hopefully they’re constantly getting new traits and having existing traits change. So it basically ensures they aren’t static. The Traits they get from their Mother and Sisters and all that aren’t counted in that limit. Maybe.


3 Responses to “Traits”

  1. John Reid Says:

    So will each player give a trait to the Queen (defining the kind of parental pressure that they wish to struggle with and the kind of game they want to play) and then take a trait of “The Queen wants me to be x”?

  2. bullbar83 Says:

    That’s pretty much how it would go. They’d define their view of the Queen first, and then figure out their sort of… filial expectations.

    • John Reid Says:

      Sounds promising … also it sounds like the players will get to define the genre of their princesses (e.g. European, Arabian, Steampunk … Kings! )

      Have you watched Kings? Ian McShane as king in a retelling of the David vs Goliath story? I found the princess’ journey in that modern-but-not-modern world quite interesting.

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