Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

Here’s how it works now November 2, 2009

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A few important things and some more notes to myself about the idea of using cards.


– Suits represent the basic stats of the Princesses. At the moment I only have three stats and there are obviously four suits. Instead of trying to make up something else, I’m simply going to leave Heart open. What Heart represents is their drive and motivation and all of that jazz that isn’t the basic stats.

– You still choose traits in the same way, although I’m thinking I’ll be cutting down the number of questions you have to answer. So instead of, for every other Princess, choosing a trait/giving them a trait, you simply choose one of your sisters and explain what she taught you and another of your sisters and explain what you taught her. For those, you’ll probably get a numerical rating (I’m thinking around 4 if you taught and around 2 if you were taught).

– You can burn Composure to get extra cards. I still need to figure out how Composure works exactly.

– Earning Adversity will give you the ability to keep cards in your hand, perhaps

– Playing cards in certain combinations will be more powerful in some way, but I’m not good with that and I can’t figure it all out right now.

– Playing Queens will assure your victory but will move the game closer to the point where the Queen dies (I think).


Basically, you frame scenes in this game to gain resources. You can either earn back Composure by tidying yourself up a bit and ordering some peasants around, or you can earn Adversity by taking on a challenge on your own, or you can move yourself a step closer to achieving your Quest, or you can do it to change the traits of the Queen.


One Response to “Here’s how it works now”

  1. Princess Warrior Says:

    Keep going! You will figure it all out at just the right time 🙂

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