Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

The Basics November 24, 2009

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What seems to elude me at the moment is a basic mechanism for resolving conflicts. Once I have that, it feels like everything else will fall into place.

What do I want in it? Well…

– Card based: Several people suggested the idea and it’s a good one, as it allows the symbolic use of the Queen, the Jacks become stand-ins for the Princesses and it just adds a whole different feel.
– I want there to be a way for assistance to come from the Retinue characters to the Princess, and for that help to be pretty invaluable
– Conflict comes primarily from GM created threats, not from the other players

So I’m not really sure what to do with that. I had an idea that worked around trick-taking but it just didn’t seem right. So I’m thinking something along the lines of the Princess getting to draw a bunch of cards. And each sut relates to an ability. And those cards go into play in a queue. And the Retinue get to manipulate that queue. Which might not make sense just yet.

But now that I think about it…

So there’s roleplaying, of course. And then it goes into an actual conflict and basically each side draw X cards and they place them face down three at a time. Then they flip up the first one, compare them, something like that.

I dunno.


One Response to “The Basics”

  1. John Reid Says:

    What if each session works toward a climax, with a pre-defined difficulty. Let’s say that the princess has to beat a difficulty of 5 cards (the GM will draw these against the player).

    Then, the princess and her retinue use the game session to build the princess’ hand of cards to take to the climax. Sort of like the card game Dominion – creating a card deck in play that should lead to victory

    Perhaps each scene where the princess or her helpers win a conflict adds a card to the princess’ climatic hand. Each conflict could be noted, so that when the princess comes to her climatic confrontation, she weaves the story elements for each card together to tell the story of how she overcomes the challenge of the session (e.g. 1 card: winning the friendship of the jester + 1 card: the seduction of the enemy ambassador + 1 card: the intimidation of the palace cook = the princess successfully avoids the start of a war with a neighbouring kingdom)

    You could put a Truth and Justice spin on this and give the princess cards for each failure on the way to the final climax – so only a dirty princess could win in the end …

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