Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

Be Careful December 5, 2009

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Composure is more important than I realised.

it comes down to the Princess player getting to draw a hand of cards equal to Composure plus an appropriate Stat. oh and they can narrate traits in as well.

The GM has a set pool of points/cards that they spend throughout the session.

The Retinue get cards too, but mostly use them to manipulate the cards on the table.

In a conflict, each side (Princess/Retinue and GM) lays out three cards face down. These are then flipped, compared and the highest wins. The person who wins gets to describe how they gain an advantage over their opponent. Whoever wins the majority of these wins the conflict and gets to describe how things go.

Queens, Jacks and Aces will have special effects yet to be determined.

Composure can be burned to gain additional benefits.


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