Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

Some Definite Things December 25, 2009

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At this point, character creation is locked down (more-or-less). I definitely want to stick with the Questions that give you traits and I definitely want four Stats (Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual/Luck) and I want them bound to the suits. The numbers themselves, the points you get from the traits and how many you have are all likely to change at this point once I see how they actually bounce around in play.

The core system as I rambled about in my last post will be sticking around. Players and GMs try to one-up each other by playing higher cards and declaring actions associated with those cards, and the Retinue characters get to manipulate the cards the Princess has. Composure is a stat that can be burned to get more cards and can be won back through a particular flavour of scenes.

The Queen will get a set of traits, and those traits will affect the nature of the Challenge scenes that the Princesses face. Also, facing those Challenge scenes will change both the Princesses and their relationships with the Queen, as well as leading towards the inevitable endgame of the Queen’s death.

Now at this point I’m more or less just swimming in circles around the same pool. So here are are some of the goals I have for the immediate to short-term future:

– Get everything down on paper in such a way that it makes sense to me and I feel I could run it

– Try to run a game session of this for some of my friends. Preferably several game sessions of this.

– Rework the text and come up with something like a bare-bones basic playtest document by the end of January. Ideally, I can even give people a few copies at Arcanacon.

– Look at getting stickers done, to hand out and to raise some interest maybe.


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