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Floundering and treading water June 9, 2010

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So I haven’t made any progress on this game in a while, that much is apparent. There are a few different reasons that I can see. One is that once I’d written that proto-draft and put it out there I was just waiting for people to read it and possibly even play it and then get back to me. There was also a switch in the back of my brain that flicked over, saying ‘well you’ve written something and put it out there now, this game is done’ no matter how much I knew to the contrary.

So I really need to start working again. I’ve set myself the goal of having some print copies ready for GENCON 2010. But what I need first is a major rewrite. The rules as written just do not work and I’m going to need to address some of those issues. So what I’ll be putting out at GENCON 2010 is going to be a non-playtested draft of the game that has been written as well as I can write it. It won’t be fancy, it won’t be complete, but it will be another step in the journey and it will be visible progress that I can wave in people’s faces and be all “hey check it out I’m designing games!” which is good, right?

So one quick thing is… if you’ve read the game and haven’t given me the feedback can you give me some, at least in regards to things that really just don’t work mechanically? And if you haven’t read it, could you give it a quick look over and see what you think? I’d appreciate it very much and I’ll even give you a credit (which I know isn’t exciting but it’s all I can offer at this point).

Thanks in advance if you can help and furious fist-shaking at you if you can’t, you scoundrel!


2 Responses to “Floundering and treading water”

  1. kymmyp Says:

    …I think I have already given feedback on this game…………

  2. kymmyp Says:

    nice skin for your website page btw….

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