Dirty Princesses

A Game about Expectations and Danger

Eureka! July 25, 2010

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So I figured it out. How to work the basic card system came to me and I realised that I had to pull the guts out of the game before I could work on the skeleton.

Gone are points and values and stats and winning with high cards.

Now, throughout the course of the session you’re trying to build a Straight, a run from Ace to Queen. In each scene/conflict/whatever, whoever can play a card to the Straight first decides the outcome of the scene. Black is negative, Red is positive. There will be variation within each colour due to the suits but let’s worry about that later. There might be some other high-card cardplay to figure out who gets narration rights but it will be ultra simple.

There are no more Attributes, only Traits. Traits are activated and used in the fiction to let you draw cards, swap cards with other players and play cards.

It removes all the complicated concerns about a system that ‘works’ and has many moving parts. It restores narrative simplicity.

In short, I’m now happy with what I have.


Cardycardcards July 8, 2010

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I’m really struggling with coming up with a mechanic that uses cards. Everything I’ve thought of so far either seems like a fully-fledged card game that wouldn’t allow for the whole roleplaying thing, or needlessly complex and convoluted and head-hurty. I’d abandon it and go
back to dice but the cards concept seems to make so much sense and fit so well.

The other thing is, I’d like to have some sort version of this ready and playable by Saturday next week, so that I can show the people who turn up to Go Play Brisbane, and make some serious steps towards having something, ANYTHING, in print by GenCon OZ in September. In fact…

I, David Pidgeon, do hereby declare that I will have some version of Dirty Princesses in print and available to people at GenCon OZ.


So on one hand I’m stalled in that area. On the other, I’m thinking about it and working on it so that’s good.