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Rings and Circlets April 9, 2011

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It’s time I told you about the remaining two Virtues of a Máran Princess, which are also the remaining two suits in a traditional Máran deck of cards.

Previously I talked about Swords, which represents strength, might and military prowess, and Shields which represents faith and compassion. Now I’ll be writing about Rings and Circlets.


Rings represent Leadership. Each one is a unique ring that carries the symbol of the Princess in question, a symbol that would be recognisable to anyone who saw it. The rings themselves are not particularly valuable in terms of their material components, but whoever carries one has the ability to command, lead armies and ask for almost anything. But they are not all gift. They also represent that the wearer is someone to be trusted, relied upon and turned to in times of trouble. A Princess who has been noticed wearing her ring (not that they wouldn’t be asked anyway, the ring is simply an excuse, or perhaps a promise) can be expected to be called upon to solve problems and to help those in need. It is a symbol that she can be counted upon to lead, but also that those around her who are loyal can be counted upon to follow. It symbolises confidence and decision-making ability.

As a suit of cards, Rings represents rulers, leaders, wisdom, patience, generosity, military forces and militia (in the sense of people gathering, not so much the violence that comes with them), towns and stability.


A Circlet sits upon the brow of each Princess, a diadem with a single jewel centered on the brow. It is elegant, simple and beautiful. The Circlet symbolises intelligence and education. It shows that the Princess is a person of learning and erudition, that she knows many things and is wise in many matters. The lorekeepers of Mára are considered to be the greatest in the land, their libraries are the most complete and deepest. Many say that if they do not know something, it is not worth knowing. Princesses are not truly expected to carry such prodigious knowledge, but they are certainly expected to be more learned than the average person and always keen to learn more.

As a suit of cards, Circlets represents intelligence, education, knowledge, mystery, secrets, whispers, travel and books.


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